Welcome to LIS Secondary School!

With almost 400 students and 55 teachers from over 60 countries we are a truly internationalist school: a diverse and vibrant community working together to bring out the best in one another, celebrating different cultures, traditions and values. The ideal of tolerance and understanding is as necessary in today’s world as at any time in the past.

Whether you are being moved to Leipzig with work, have chosen to come for the opportunities provided by its world class research institutes or are lucky enough to call Leipzig home, we believe we have the community at LIS that allows internationally minded students to thrive.

We consider all facets of student learning, including offering students excellent teaching of academic subjects culminating in extremely impressive results in Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma courses.

We support students’ holistic learning through additional programmes of performing arts, visual arts and sports. The care and support we offer students and their families is second to none in the region, in which we actively support their well-being, and it is this environment of care in which our students flourish and go on to go great things. This is what education should be: the passport to the future, and the foundation from which students confidently make their way into the world as people enabled and empowered to make things better.

Neil Allen
Secondary School Principal



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