Quick Contacts in Secondary School

Management E-Mail  Phone Dealing with matters such as
Secondary Principal (Neil Allen) 0341 39377 691/692 Long term absences from school (3+ days for vacation etc. , 10+ for sick leave)
Assistant Principal Learning (Jamie Wilkinson)   Secondary concept, curriculum, reports, student learning and academic progress, IGCSE and Subject Choices
Assistant Principal Students (Ian Mills) Student attendance, behaviour & conduct, referrals and student well-being, Transition into Secondary School
IB Coordinator (Rebecca Hillyer)   IB Programme and subject choices
Offices E-Mail  Phone Dealing with matters such as
Receptionist (Steffi Arnas) 0341 39377 500 Delayed arrival at school, Notification of sick leave of a student
Secondary School Office (Marianne Lange, Katrin Appelt) 0341 39377 691/962 Student ID-Card, School attendance confirmation, General Secondary school questions
Head of School Management Assistant (Nancy Bielz) 0341 39377 601 Organising appointments with Head of School, Partial reimbursement of monthly public traffic tickets
Director of Admissions (Steffi Hölzel) 0341 39377 634 Admissions, School contract termination
School Fee Accountant (Pia Möckel) 0341 39377 641 School fee matters, ZEB (confirmation of school fee payment for tax return)
Beyond LIS Coordination (Justin Sands, Nicola Edger)   Careers counselling, Advice on subject selection when desiring a certain career, Supporting application to gain HZB (university entrance qualification), Supporting application procedures for universities and apprenticeships



Communication is essential for the smooth running of our school. Here you will find an overview of our communication channels at LIS. You will also find all our staff member at our Staff Directory on our website.



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