Welcome to our Primary School!

The Primary School hosts some 300 students and 45 staff members, coming together to learn and teach in Grades 1 through to 5. With students and teachers originating from over 30 different countries it is not surprising that there is an international feel, and that everyone has an open and welcoming attitude.

We aim to support the development of all children emotionally, physically and intellectually. Classes are predominately taught by one class teacher so that students build up good relationships with those who encourage and guide them. In addition, specialist teachers and support staff add quality and depth to our programmes.

We are proud of the curriculum developments that have been implemented recently, and believe we have strong, well-structured systems running, which allow students to make good academic progress whilst really enjoying learning.

Primary School should be a time when students try things and explore. We give our students many opportunities to develop their creativity, take on responsibility, get involved in special days, play in different settings, perform in front of audiences, and think about social or environmental responsibilities so that they can become caring, kind and confident people.

Parents are important to our school and are included in many different ways. Good communication is a key to this, and information about what is going on in a student’s class can be found here on this website or in the weekly letters we send home - and of course personal visits are always welcome.

Sarah Brannon
Primary School Principal

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Sarah Brannon
Primary School Principal

T: +49 341 39377 681
F: +49 341 39377 555

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