Grades 9-10 Subject Choice and Focus

Students make choices about the subjects that excite them and will allow them to pursue the possibilities they envisage for their future. The courses we teach prepare them for the IGCSE examinations they will take at the end of Grade 10 and for the IB programmes that we hope they will begin in Grade 11. The basis of the programme, the core subjects as they are called, are English, German, Mathematics, a Science (a choice of one or more of Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Geography or History . These five core subjects are equivalent to a Realschulabschluss. The elective subjects of Computer Science, Global Perspectives, Art, Music, French, Spanish, ICT, Advanced Mathematics and Guidance (Careers and Pastoral) are also offered. More information about these courses can be found at http://www.cie.org.uk 

Topics that might interest you