Exam Results

IB Results: Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Last week brought excellent news to LIS and gave us further reason to be proud of our graduating class of 2019. They have achieved the best IB results in the history of the school.

43 members of this class attempted the full IB Diploma in May this year: 42 of them were successful.

Their average points score was 34.8. The world average is usually around the 30-point mark.

No fewer than eight of our graduates, 19% of the group, achieved outstanding scores of 40 points or more. Worldwide, some 9% of candidates usually reach this level. Two members of the class achieved a faultless maximum score of 45 points: both these students have also won places at the University of Oxford.

A more detailed account of the IB results, and of other destinations in higher education, will appear here when various re-marks and inquiries have run their course - a process that may even improve this excellent set of results.

IGCSE results for 2019 Grade 10 will reach us as usual in mid-August.

In the meantime, congratulations to the graduates of 2019 and to the teachers, families and friends who supported them.

IB Results

Candidates obtain scores from 1-7 in 6 subjects with 4 being the passing grade. Up to 3 bonus points are added to this for the combined performance on the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. Theoretically one could therefore obtain anywhere between 6 and 45 points, with 24 points being the minimum number required (amongst other things) for the Diploma to be awarded.

For more information on student destinations after the IB please see the LIS Careers Portal on our website.

IB Results in %

World IB Diploma Pass Rate817978.4N/A
World IB Diploma Ave Total Points303029.8N/A
LIS IB Diploma Pass Rate939710094
LIS Ave Total Points33333334
LIS IBCP Pass Rate10010090


IGCSE Results

Candidates obtain grades from A* to G with the grades A* to C being considered as passing grades.

The Realschulabschluss is awarded to students who pass in the 5 core subjects of English, German, Maths, a Science, and a Humanities subject (i.e. Geography, History).

IGCSE Results in % (only Grade 10 students)






Co-ordinated sciences396185
English First Language236992437898376688
German First Language06080367373346097
German Foreign Language100100100799310092100100
French Foreign Language9510010079931005781100
Spanish Foreign Language5290907186937588100
Global Perspectives487610044781002143100
Computer Science396794186491




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