Child Welfare & Protection Services

The purpose of Child Welfare and Protection is the protection of children and the prevention of ill-treatment or neglect in accordance with school policy and all pertinent legal requirements. The Head of Student Support Services, Fiona Eels, also serves as Child Welfare and Protection Consultant and Coordinator.

Fiona Eels

Child Welfare and Protection Consultant and Coordinator

Fiona has been at LIS for over 15 years and has helped develop the school, serving in a variety of positions of responsibility in the realm of pastoral care, such as Pastoral Coordinator, Pastoral Advisor, University Admissions Coordinator and Head of PSHE. For over 5 years, she has coordinated the Student Support Services department, in addition to specialising in Child Welfare and Protection. Fiona has over 25 years of experience in Child Welfare and Protection, both in Germany and the UK. She is also an authorised Child Protection Consultant, which qualifies her not only to serve as Consultant at LIS but also to advise other international schools and state schools throughout Germany.

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