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What is GISST?

Leipzig International School is a full member of G.I.S.S.T. (German International School Sports Tournament). The aim is to provide students from German International Schools with the opportunities for participation in quality sporting activities on a competitive basis.

Who can participate in GISST?

This programme is available for all students from Grades 5 to 12. Grades 5 to 8 students are classed as U14 and Grades 9 to 12 are classed as Varsity, with a few exceptions depending on birth-date.

What sports can I take part in?

SEASON ONE (September to December)SEASON TWO (January to May)

How often will training take place?

Training takes place twice a week. Each session typically lasts for one and a half hours depending on facility and coach availability.

How long will each block of sport last?

8 weeks.

Who will be coaching me?

The coaches are teachers who teach in both the Primary and Secondary School who have a passion and experience of the sport they have chosen to coach. We also have some external coaches offering their expertise. We encourage our Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to assist in coaching the U14’s as part of their CAS programme for the International Baccalaureate Programme.

What if I can only make it to one of the training sessions and not both?

Ideally you would be able to attend both training sessions each week in order to make the most progress, but we are aware that you may have a lot of other commitments, some of which are outside school. If you can only make it to one training session it is your responsibility to speak to your coach and explain the reason. All of the coaches are lovely and appreciate it when you have the manners to inform them beforehand if you can’t make it to a practice because you have another commitment.

What if I want to do more than one sport but there is a clash with training times?

This is a great problem to have because it shows that you want to participate and learn and be as active as possible! As above, we encourage you to speak to the coaches and come up with a plan such as doing football on a Tuesday and cross-country on a Thursday, for example. It also gives the coaches a chance to educate and help you with time-management and to find a good school work/sport balance.

What do I have to wear for the training sessions?

As long as you get changed into sporting clothes (and they are appropriate to the sport and not too revealing), we really don’t mind what colour or brand you wear. If you wish to wear your normal P.E. kit, that is also totally fine! Please wear the appropriate shoes for the surface you’ll be training on - ask your coaches if you’re unsure.

What do I get selected to represent the school at a GISST tournament?

The worst part about being a coach is having to select a team and not being able to take everyone who has attended training. The coach will use their experience and professional judgement to select who they consider to be the best team. Apart from athletic skill and competence, the coach will also look for commitment to the team, leadership, teamwork and reliability. The coaches also liaise with the Athletics Director and subject teachers because if you are mis-behaving in lessons/school or behind in your school work you will not be allowed to travel with the team. Team selection is an honour and a privilege. If you are selected for a tournament you have to sign the LIS Athletic Code of Honour (this can be found on the school website).

When and where are the GISST tournaments?

There are 11 schools who take part in this organisation:

  • Berlin British School (BBS)
  • Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS)
  • Berlin International School (BerIS)
  • Bavarian International School (BIS)
  • Dresden International School (DIS)
  • Franconian International School (FIS)
  • International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main (ISF)
  • International School Hannover Region (ISHR)
  • International School of Stuttgart (ISS)
  • St. Georges School Duisburg-Düsseldorf (STG)
  • Leipzig International School (LIS)

Each school is generally expected to host two tournaments every school year. The schedule is finalised the summer before school starts and then shared with students and families.

How do I register for a GISST sport?

Parents need to register their child via HEDKY.


Please see more video tutorials on how to use HEDKY:



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