Freshwater Shortage! Warning!

Leipzig International School planned visit – May 2020

Before the central Spanish declared a national lockdown on 14th March 2020, the two schools participating in the programme planned the activities to take place during the planned second visit to Spain.

On 15th April the Spanish school wrote LIS informing of the situation and the impossibility to host LIS students due to the Corona-19 lockdown measures implemented in Spain. On top of this, the German “Kultusminister Konferenz” informed schools participating in exchange programmes travelling abroad were suspended due to the pandemic situation faced by many countries, including Germany.

As a school we were given the chance back in Summer 2020 to extend the Erasmus+ project. After considering what would be the best option, we decided not to extend the project. The situation caused by the corona virus was still very uncertain and colleagues at both schools were coming to grasps with the difficulties and burden brought in by having to adapt our teaching methodology to the challenges presented by on-line teaching.


We would like to thank the national Erasmus agencies for their support, without which it would not have been possible to implement the Erasmus+ project “Fresh water Shortage! Warning!”. The participants experienced enriching and educational encounters for them, gained intercultural experiences and got to know a new country and new cities. Some made new friends. Our special thanks go to the parents of all of our students who welcomed guests and actively supported our activities. Numerous teachers from the two schools were directly and indirectly involved in the exchange project, assisted and jumped in when necessary. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank them very much.

All activities can be reviewed in detail in the report on this exchange programme here.

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