The performing arts are a form of creative expression in front of an audience, including drama, music and dance. At Leipzig International School we offer students the opportunity to integrate mind, body and emotions into a collective expression of all that it means to be human. Through study and performance, students explore and present significant content and ideas.

The performing arts play an enormously important role in supporting students in the development of their creative abilities. While enabling them to develop creative enthusiasm, they also teach language and communication skills and help them to communicate confidently and effectively with others.  Your children can be encouraged to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and it can help them to develop their own unique voice.

Each of the different art forms occupies a child's brain, body and emotions in a different way to promote self-confidence and find joy in self-expression.

At Leipzig International School we stage at least one major drama production each year and also offer students opportunities for smaller performances. We also aim to rehearse and perform a musical each year at the Primary and Secondary School. The musical highlight of the year is the performance of our own special LIS Christmas concert.

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