3. March 2020 - 13. March 2020

Information Event

LIK: The dentist is visiting - please smile!

  • each day from 9:00-10:55
  • LIK conference room/LIK bathrooms

  • The dentist is visiting our kindergarten:


    All EY 3 classes meet at 9:00 in the conference room. The dentist will do a brief general tooth chat and then the children will brush and dye their teeth in their individual groups; with each group needing about 30mins in the bathroom.

    EY1 + EY-T + EY2 + N2

    The dentist will visit each group individually.
    In a circle, she will talk about food, then, with the help of her dragon, will show the children how to brush their teeth. After that we go to the bathroom to brush teeth together.

    We hope you enjoy the sessions!