19. April 2018 - 21. April 2018

Community Event

Leipzig International School Youth Parliament

  • starts Thursday: 15:15, ends Saturday: 16:00
  • LIS Auditorium

  • Leipzig International School Youth Parliament

    Leipzig International School Youth Parliament (LYP) takes place at school from Thursday, 19 April to Saturday, 21 April, and is open to all students from grades 6 to 9.

    The Leipzig International School Youth Parliament’s format is based on the European Youth Parliament (EYP) and will be a unique opportunity for our secondary school students to voice their own opinions, debate current political topics and develop their public speaking skills.

    LYP is led by two Grade 11 students who have attended four European Youth Parliament conferences already, and are experienced with the sessions’ format. Our students will participate in all components of an EYP session, including team building exercises, committee work on one of five current, EU-related topics, and a General Assembly, in which they have the chance to hold a speech at the podium. Parents are also welcome to visit the General Assembly on Saturday, 3rd March (see the schedule below for details).


    Thursday, 19 April:

    15:15-18:15 Opening ceremony and team building in the Aula and classrooms

    Friday, 20 April:

    08:25-18:00 Committee Work in classrooms (including several short breaks and a long lunch break)      

    Saturday, 21 April:

    10:00 - 16:00 General Assembly in the Aula and closing ceremony

    Please note that this schedule may be subject to change, but all participants will be notified of any changes in advance.