International School Leipzig

A New Title – Legal Status Change for LIS

On the 14th April 2018 the legal status of the school changed officially from e.V. to GmbH. The conversion from a registered Association (eingetragener Verein), to a not for profit limited company (gGmbH) whose shares are held by a charitable trust (Stiftung) has now been running for half a year. The benefits of this are twofold:

  • A charitable trust is a legal form that guarantees the continued existence of the school into the future, guarded over by the Stiftungsaufsicht of the state of Saxony. The Stiftungsaufsicht is the body which ensures that trusts are managed within the context of their statutes and in particular with the declared purposes of the trust, the principal one of which is to maintain and promote Leipzig International School.
From the old form (left) to the new form (right).
  • Under the old structure, the members of the Board of the Verein legally represented the school. This was less than efficient because the Head of School and the management team make most of the day-to-day decisions. Under the new structure, the Head of School and the Commercial Director are the legal representatives of the GmbH, which allows for much more effective operational and financial management.

The trust (Stiftung Leipzig International School) has a Board whose tasks are to exercise the rights of the Trust as the only shareholder of the School, the GmbH, and to support the school in accordance with the aims set out in its statutes.

The Head of School (David Smith) and Commercial Director (Thomas Pessara) are looking forward to interacting with interested parents. They are currently inviting interested parents from all school sections to contribute to the schools purpose within a new parent representative format. Parent representatives will have the opportunity to meet regularly in the future with school management. We are working actively to involve parents in the development of the school and the activities of the whole school team.   

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