During the summer holiday, we use the opportunity of having a student-free school to undertake a number of improvements and maintenance projects. Among this year’s list of changes, we have upgraded the playground considerably.

Unstructured playtime is an essential component of our curriculum. During breaks and after school time, your children have the opportunity to interact with others differently than they do in the classroom. It is our duty to provide a dynamic landscape for these social and physical interactions.

This playground redesign is intended to inspire more varied movement, more creative and adventurous play and offer state of the art facilities for safe and healthy recreation.

On the small playground at the rear of the Hort building, primary students are now able to clamber over a large new spider-web climbing-frame intended specifically to improve balance, core strength and hand-eye-coordination.

Two new swings and a nest swing have been built into the sandy area adjacent to the ball courts.

The ball courts themselves, at the back of the schoolyard, will soon be refurbished with new synthetic track surfacing we have sourced from a new company, to ensure safe play and a pleasant aesthetic.
In addition, we have built a barrier around the large pirate ship playground so the gravel does not spill out into the open space around it. In the past this has caused slipping, been a nuisance for kids riding scooters or playing movement games on the surrounding surface as well as being an eyesore.
We are very excited to see our students enjoy these additions to the playground and incorporate them into their games.

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