Basketball Academy at LIS

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting the Kinder + Sport Basketball Academy in our Gym.

All kids over the age of 6 were invited to take part whether from LIS or else where. The training program of the “kinder + Sport Basketball Academy” consists of six different difficulty levels which kids can work through. In order to reach the next level you have to master tasks in the fields of dribbling, passing, throwing and coordination. Each station was manned by a young player from the Systainics Mitteldeutsche Basketball Club. Through this unique training, you can immediately see where you are and what tasks are still ahead of you. It is therefore always necessary to train, because the path to becoming an Allstar is not quite so easy.
The special thing about the “kinder + Sport Basketball Academy” is that they have built in exercises that come from professionals training sessions. Take a look at what the pros, coaches, and friends are doing, and learn the coolest basketball moves and most interesting tricks from them.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our kids and for opening up our facilities to the wider community. Thank you to our sport department for organizing this partnership and to Systainics MBC for bringing this initiative to us.

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