Every year the Primary School performs the enormous feat of hosting an International Day. Every Grade chooses a country to represent and each classroom becomes the site of activities and presentations around that nation. The staff and room parents work hard to plan these exciting stations and with the help of others parents offer a trip around the world to our young learners.

Each student has a passport that gets stamped once they have finished the tasks and activities in a certain classroom. They also get to take home treats and crafts they have made and collected along the way.

International Day is always an amazing way to celebrate our greatest strength at Leipzig International School – our diversity and curiosity about the world. It’s also an incredible opportunity for families from the five chosen countries to introduce us all to their country and culture in a personal and intimate way.

This year we had China, Ireland, Poland, Canada and India. The activities are created to be grade appropriate. The higher primary grades get to learn a bit of Gaelic whereas the younger grades are taught Irish dance. The parents really went all out this year. One of our parents invited the Confucius Institute to come by and offer Chinese crafting workshops to the kids. Another mother gave an incredible Indian dance class and in a second India themed class kids could take a yoga class. In one Canada classroom they had the chance to make their own polar lights picture with pastels and chalks and in Poland they learnt about polish traditional dress or life in the Soviet Union.

A huge thank you goes to our dedicated parents for bringing so much energy and creativity to this day that really goes to the heart of what we are about – engaging with the people that make us so rich in diversity and give depth to our cultural understanding. Primary staff deserves a round of applause for their input and structuring the logistics of the day so smoothly. A last thanks goes to our great students whose excitement on these days is so contagious and makes it clear to us all why we are here.

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