You may have noticed the big platanus tree in the school yard has been decorated recently. A few Hort educators gathered all the old soccer and volley balls that can no longer be used and decided, instead of throwing them away, to use them in a project with our students.
Part of of the Saxon Educational Plan is promoting aesthetic learning, this goal extends beyond the fixed school day. Our Hort educators also follow educational goals and find ways to incorporate these into our children’s afternoon play.

For this project, the educators involved the upper primary kids in decorating the old balls with spray paint. After drying, were slung into the tree to add a little colour and life to the stark wintry landscape of our playground.

Activities like these help our students take ownership of the spaces they spend so much time in, a whole new medium and material was introduced with the spray cans and it is a wonderful example of how a little ingenuity can offer new experiences and re-function old materials.

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