Stadtradeln / City Cycle

The 4th of September was the Kick-Off for the annual City Cycle competition. A crowd of Leipzig International School members cycled over to the starting point at the Clara Park for the Night Ride. This round trip of the city, with a record number of cyclists this year, is the start of a three week competition in which teams within Leipzig compete by collating their collective cycled kilometers.

This is the first year LIS has participated as a team and at the time of writing, at the beginning of the second week of the competition, we are ranked 30th of over 800 teams and over 9000 individual cyclists in Leipzig.

We are very proud to be able to show the wider community how many of us choose to cycle to school and work daily. Our top ranked family in the LIS Team has raked up over 500kms between them in the first 10 days of the competition. Well done! Second place at the moment is held by a very active LIS teacher who has managed to pedal over 460kms.

Whether you cycle just on the weekends or you use no other transportation but your bike, join the team and help us earn kilometers. Let’s show the city that we care for environment, safe cycling and team spirit!


Watch the live ticker below to keep track of our progress as a school!

If you have any questions contact Helena Putsch at helena.putsch(at)

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