CAS Project: Garden Stage – from vision to reality in one school year

More and more CAS projects and experiences are taking place in the school garden. I would love to tell you about one project which was finished in May 2020: Ferdinand (12. Grade) took over the coordination and building of a “Garden Stage”. With the great support of Jörg Klepsch, a professional carpenter, and a parent from primary school, Ferdi got the confidence to leave his tiny stage idea and turn it into a big, long lasting wooden platform, which will be used for many years. After a lot of planning in November 2019 and cold winter months it all started in February 2020. Ferdi and his team Leon and Samuel prepared the wood in Jörg’s workshop in Markkleeberg.

A week later they wanted to start working in the garden but Ferdi had to be patient because it was raining to much. Finally the sun came out and that was their chance to start shaping up the area where the stage would be built and digging the holes for the foundation. Jörg and Ferdi choose Robinia wood which is very robust and often used for outdoor playgrounds. It is also very heavy.

The next step in April was to stabilize the foundation. Ferdi got a helping hand from his brother for this step. Both of them were happy to be able to work outside since the Covid-19 lockdown was still going on.

A helping hand from family.

In May, Jörg and Ferdi met on three afternoons to place and secure the wooden sections, cut the edges of the stage and smooth them. That was the time when the beauty of our new stage became visible and Ferdi was able to see his vision become real.

The actual plan was to have Ferdi and his band on stage for a concert before the summer holidays but Covid-19 did not allow us to hold any events. But as we say in German “aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben” we just postpone all our dreams for the stage (acoustic concerts, poetry evenings and theatre performances). Meanwhile the Hort and school are using it as a plattform where the kids can relax or to hold the reading buddy sessions outdoors.

Ferdi and Jörg, thank you for all the effort you put into this project!

The stage is a HIT!

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