No Title - Alice N.

Three LIS winners in Leipzig Art Competition

For 26 years, the Children’s and Youth Art Exhibition has been held in January and February at several locations in Leipzig. This year, due to the pandemic, the exhibition is presented digitally for the first time. This year’s theme is FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS. Around 500 pieces were submitted from students from all over Leipzig and three of the eight winning pieces were created by LIS students; Daniel P., Julian W. and Alice N..

This year the jury was made up exclusively of children and teenagers. The top picks are usually exhibited in the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (Museum of Fine Art Leipzig) and then subsequently hung in different locations around the city. This year, of course, makes everything a bit more challenging and the pieces are now only visible online.

About 50 LIS students, from Primary and Secondary school, submitted artwork and we would like to thank them all for their beautiful work and for representing LIS so well in this external competition. The artworks from 16 LIS students were accepted for the exhibition.
We are happy to congratulate them most sincerely!!!

Thank you also to our Director of Visual Arts, Steve Lewis, and all the teachers who helped support this project.

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