LIS Secondary students on TV with host Luke Mockridge

The SAT.1 show “LUKE! Die Schule und ich” started its 5th season in mid-March 2021 with cheerful host Luke Mockridge, exciting lessons, fantastic students and great celebrities… and for the first time, two international schools from Germany competed against German celebrities. Students from INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ON THE RHINE and Betty, Mariam, Maximilian and Mohammed from LEIPZIG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL not only had a lot to tell, but also a lot to offer. 

In the end, the students prevailed and won together against the celebrities! We are so proud of our students who not only represented LIS in the best possible way but also showed courage by participating in this television show.
We thank Luke Mockeridge and the Brainpool team for supporting our students and making them feel comfortable at the show. Last but not least – we thank our successful and committed students Betty, Mariam, Max and Mohammed for their amazing performance and courage as well as Leo who actively supported our Team and showed great team spirit.
In case you missed it, watch this:

Background information:
On German television this TV show is called LUKE! DIE SCHULE UND ICH (LUKE! THE SCHOOL AND ME). In this show, actual school students compete against celebrities in a wide variety of subject areas for educational, innovative or experimental tasks. The TV host Luke Mockridge has four celebrities sit at school desks in ‘his classroom’. Their counterparts are students from different schools and school sections. Students from three school sections will each compete against 4 celebrities. The teams have to master 12 tasks in different school subjects and difficulty levels. This year, for the first time, there is a special show on the topic of Europe, and students from LIS played against celebrities such as comdeian Atze Schröder, entertainer Riccardo Simonetti, pop singer Alvaro Soler and actor Sophia Thomalla.

The participants said the following:

“We had a lot of fun. It was nice to travel again and it had the atmosphere of a GISST tournament; traveling by train, sleeping in an unknown place, working in a team and competing. I was also lucky that my teammates were all very nice and motivated. The hotel we stayed in was top notch and all of our rooms were on the same floor so we could pop in to each other‘s rooms and hang out or prepare for the show. 

It was also interesting to see how the „Show-Business“ works. And, of course meeting celebrities like Luke Mockridge was fun too.  Overall I have no regrets (besides some of my answers to the quiz-questions on the show) and would definitely do it again. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Photo credit: © Steffen Z Wolff / BRAINPOOL

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