Clean Up the School and Raising Awareness

In June 2021, Dr. Susanne Schleif and a team of motivated students took it upon themselves to clean up our beautiful school and its surroundings.

The event was organised with the help of Julia and Armin and brought together students from all over secondary school. The students were equipped with buckets, gloves and cleaning equipment, whilst going through the floors of the main building and the LIS school yard.

The mission was not only to clean up the school but also to raise awareness among the students of how we can improve our community with small acts of kindness such as this one.

Here it is, however worth mentioning, that this is just one example of the school community’s attempt to fight for the environment among a series of many other past and upcoming events.

This clean-up campaign with the tenth and eleventh graders, initiated by Ms Schleif, was organised by Julia and Armin as part of a CAS experience.

by Armin Ulrich

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