CAS Experience: Familiarising with the Complexity of Humans and Animals.

One of the main pleasures of life is the interaction with animals. Usually the interaction  with animals begins with the occasional wiff or nudge that is linked to an animal’s curiosity. The curiosity is enabled through an animal’s improved sense of smell, which enables it to get to know you before you even begin talking. As part of a CAS experience I have had the opportunity to experience this by interacting with the animals of the animal shelter (Tierheim) Wurzen and have not only grown to learn the complexity of a human and animal relation but also have had the opportunity to get to know the wonderful staff that support and save animals day in and day out.

The animal shelter Wurzen is a NGO, which attempts to aid and shelter the animals that haven’t yet found their special home. The shelter welcomes dogs and cats that oftentimes had traumatic experiences and helps them recover and find new homes. This process is often difficult as the animals have to constantly adapt and learn to trust the workers at the shelter.

At Tierheim Wurzen the general manager Vicky Neubert cares for the animals very intensively and made it possible for me to get to know the dogs and cats personally, overcoming some of my fears. And although I haven’t taken the opportunity to take home one of the animals, I have also had the opportunity to donate food to the shelter.

Here, it is important to mention that we as a community have to continue to attempt to improve the world around us by supporting our local initiatives. However, the animal shelter (Tierheim) Wurzen and the animals it houses would benefit greatly from your support and beyond. This support can come in many forms. It can be as simple as donating food ( or as special as adopting  one of the animals to provide them with a new dedicated home. Items for donation and more information about the animal shelter can be found at:

By Armin Ulrich

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