A couple of months ago, I found out about a woman-only event happening in Berlin, for which you had to submit a short video discussing what kind of issues you would take care to prioritize as an Ambassador. I recorded a video talking about how education is such an important way to influence people and how schools should be a top priority, and about a month later, I got a response saying that I had been one of the 10 across Germany selected to come to the event.

The event itself was amazing, as the other girls and I spent a day in the British Embassy of Berlin and got to speak to the British Ambassador, Jill Gallard, and other diplomats. We learned about their jobs and all the different fascinating aspects of them, such as how they have specialised language learning courses for when they move embassies and countries, and what a day’s work entails.

 I really enjoyed the day as a whole because it made me very interested in what life would be like as a foreign diplomat, and it was a great experience to be surrounded by girls at the same stage of life as me, all interested in similar kinds of career paths in diplomacy and politics.

Olivia A.

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