After School Activities

After School Activities (ASA) are offered to your children during every new term. We work with both returning leaders and new leaders to offer LIS students a wide variety of courses and experiences. Prior to the start of each term, parents have the chance to register their children for these courses.

Registration via HEDKY

Starting with the school year 2020-2021 the web-based application HEDKY is exclusively used to set up, register and administrate ASA ( 

In order to use HEDKY each parent need to login at with the same login details also used for Parent Portal.

What is HEDKY

HEDKY is a digital platform which replaces paper forms and emails for most extracurricular activities in international schools. Using HEDKY at LIS means after school activities (ASA) are organized and managed more efficiently.

Prior to the start of each term, parents have the opportunity to sign up their child/children for one or more ASA. If a student wishes to continue an ASA (e.g. instrumental lesson) parents need to re-register the child and pay the fees for the next term. Detailed conditions (“Parent Guidelines”) about the ASA registration process, duration & payment can be found in the HEDKY menu in the upper right corner of your HEDKY account


In the user manual for parents you find a detailed description for the most common functions of HEDKY, which is provided for you in the menu of your HEDKY account as well.

At the end of each term all course registers will be erased, and children and families will be asked to choose new courses for the following term. Students wishing to continue a course will still be asked to re-apply each term.

Days & Times

Courses are offered for Primary (Grade 1-5) within the following Hort times:
Monday - Friday - from 15:10 until 16:50.

Spaces & Rooms

Please note that most After School Activities take place in classrooms and spaces are limited.


Families are billed directly for payment in full at the beginning of each term by the course leader and not the school.

         Diese Maßnahme (Ganztagsangebot) wird mitfinanziert mit Steuermitteln auf Grundlage                              des vom Sächsischen Landtag beschlossenen Haushaltes.

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