Our Vision

LIS promotes the development of the school garden, investing in it as a learning resource for
students of all ages. It also provides enrichment of the curriculum, opportunities for service,
and an enhancement of our sense of community.

This wonderful green 800qm space next to our school is used and developed by teachers,
students and parents as an outdoor classroom and meeting point for community-based

We believe that the school garden helps our students to connect with the natural world and
the source of their food. Besides teaching the students gardening basics, they automatically
improve personal and social skills as well as explore other subjects, such as math, science,
art, health and physical education in a different context. You can read examples of how teachers have integrated the garden into their lessons here.

We are pleased to present all our wonderful activities, projects and exciting adventures around the school garden on the following pages: Educational Elements, Activities & Projects, School Garden News, Virtual Tours & Feedback.  Have fun discovering!


Our School Garden Coordinator

Gitte Vogel-Sirin originally comes from a village near Leipzig. She grew up in her grandparents' gardens, always surrounded by passionate gardeners. Here she developed the need to create meaningful outdoor spaces where children and adults can explore nature and experience it in its most beautiful form. She studied Kultur- und Medienpädagogik and worked as a marketing manager and project manager in schools and non-profit organisations in Leipzig before moving to Istanbul with her family in 2012. There she started consulting schools and kindergartens on developing school gardens, held many art workshops for children using only natural materials and taught how to build sculptures out of adobe.
In all her work, she always strives to build a good base of community to support the projects, share knowledge, build friendships and strengthen interpersonal relationships.


Garden Workout & Coffee

What & When?

If you enjoy gardening and community work, please come along and enjoy the fun. Tools, coffee, tea and professional guidance will be provided. It is a great opportunity for members of the LIS community to meet and socialise in the school garden. Together we share ideas and keep the school garden looking great. Everyone is very welcome!

Starting again on 01 March from 09:00 - 10:30

Come and join the LIS School Garden Workout every Tuesday!


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