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The LIS school garden is a wonderful, wild & green 800qm space next to our school. Teachers, students and parents use it happily as an outdoor classroom or a meeting point for community-based activities.

We believe that the school garden helps our students to connect with the natural world and the source of their food. Besides teaching the students gardening basics, they automatically improve personal and social skills as well as explore other subjects, such as math, science, art, health and physical education in a different context.

With the weekly Garden Workouts Gitte has gotten lots of parents involved and given them the chance to be a part of something rewarding while also getting to know other members of the LIS community.

Together we grow, harvest and create products for our LIS Farmers Market which takes place at the school four times a year. The money we raise with our homegrown and handmade products we reinvest in the school garden.

Our school garden gives us space to get together as a community, away from jobs and other commitments. Frequently, we catch up with each other to see how everyone is doing. Garden workout, Garden Weekends, Garden Academy, end of year parties or picnics - there are many ways for the school community to use the garden with its creative, peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.


Garden Tours with Gitte


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Garden News

August-September 2020
The first Farmers Market this school year was a real success. The students from the afternoon activity “Garden Explorers” had lots of fun selling their products, wrapping them carefully and counting the money. We made 506,70 €!!! It will be reinvested in school garden projects.

The Garden Explorers started to meet every Wednesday in the school garden. In the following weeks we will enjoy the autumn sun, collect dozens of leaves and give the garden a good look for the upcoming wintertime.

CAS Projects (Creativity-Activity-Service)
Lots of students from Grade 11 and 12 signed up to do their CAS Projects/Experiences in the school garden. We will have teams finishing the Insect Hotel, organizing the compost area, work in the garden, design more plant signs, pimp up the fence with some color and organize the next Farmers Market in spring.

Cooperation with Max-Planck-Institute
Since August the Max-Planck-Institute is supporting us in the lead of two CAS Projects. A team of students from grade 11 will work together with the institute to develop a system for documenting all the work which has been done in the school garden and also develop classroom connections as support for our teachers.

Tomato & Potato Harvest
Crazy! We harvested at least over 500 tomatoes which were fairly shared in the Primary classes. Kids said they were yummy. Class 2JP came to dig for some potatoes. They were lucky and found a good amount. For some of them we could win the prize “Tiniest Potato in the world”. They fried and cooked them and enjoyed a nice snack time together.


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Morning Workout

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If you enjoy gardening and community work, please come along and enjoy the fun. Tools, coffee, tea and professional guidance will be provided. Everyone is very welcome!

Every Tuesday from 8:30-10:30

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