School Garden News

CAS Project: Developing and building a new compost area

Sarah from Grade 12 has designed a new look of our (messy) compost area. We will start building a proper compost in spring. Therefor we will need helping hands. Let us know if you are interested in joining in!!!

CAS Project: Creating a New Fence Design

Mariam, Valentina, Hannah and Veerle from Grade 11 are currently working on ideas to make our fence look more creative and inviting. They are very keen to get primary students involved in the project as well. Stay tuned!

CAS Project: Finishing the Insect Hotel

In German we say “Was lange währt wird gut.“ We have hope that Isabell and Max from Grade 12 who took of the lead of this project will bring it to shine this spring and make a great home for our bees and insects.

New Articles Online in our OBSERVER School Magazine

There are a few new articles available in the school garden section of our school magazine. Thank you to Anne Snel who contributed one of them and to Jennifer Pitchard to give the inspiration for the second one. Check out our school magazine.

Donation of Bird Food

As every winter we would be happy if you join in this fun activity and donate some bird food. The birdies say THANK YOU!!! All information you find in the monthly House Holler.

Poetry Corner

While our garden is on winter break and having a rest before the upcoming season it is still worth it and have a look at the garden gate! Our Tuesday morning garden team has decorated the door and you can find poems in our poetry corner. Enjoy!

Gitte is on Maternity Leave

Last but not least this is a short note that Gitte our school garden coordinator is going on maternity leave in December and planning to come back in April.




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