The Athletic Department supports the mission of Leipzig International School by helping student-athletes to develop skills and attributes valuable in becoming global citizens. LIS believes that a dynamic and competitive athletic programme is an essential element for the cognitive, personal, and educational development of our student-athletes.

The Athletic Department is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment in which to foster this multi-faceted development. LIS student-athletes learn a great deal from participation in competitive athletics. Teams provide experiences that help them develop both in the athletic environment and academic environment. The lessons learnt help build life-skills that benefit their development as contributing members of their community. 

The athletic curriculum provides opportunities in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, conflict management and physical skill development. Development of the individual, commitment to the team, and respect for the mission of the school are all vital parts of this process. While LIS recognises our great pride in winning and our quest for excellence and success, it does not condone winning at all costs. We believe in fair and rewarding principles for all participants and do not support any behaviour or pressure that might undermine good sportsmanship, positive relationships, and good mental and physical health. 

Udo Quellmalz
Athletics Director

Best result ever: LIS finished 3rd place out of 11 participating International Schools in the final overall GISST ranking 2018-2019

Our LIS team showed great performances at the Track & Field tournament at BBIS last weekend and won 6 individual medals.

LIS finished 3rd place out of 11 participating International Schools in the final overall GISST ranking 2018-2019. Best result ever for LIS.

Congratulations to all students, coaches, chaperones and everyone involved. Well Done!! 

Udo Quellmalz
Athletics Director & PE Teacher



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