Learning Support

The purpose of the Learning Support program at LIS is to respond to the diverse learning needs of all students.  This includes students who encounter mild to moderate difficulties, as well as students who may require greater academic challenges than those provided within the regular curriculum.
Students experiencing a specific learning deficit need support in acquiring skills and strategies that will enable them to succeed with the regular curriculum. Through ongoing observation, assessment and evaluation, learning support specialists and classroom teachers work together to ensure that students' learning needs are met.  Learning support services may include withdrawal (individual and/or small group intensive instruction), in-class support by a Learning Support Specialist, differentiation by classroom teacher after consultation with Learning Specialist and monitoring student progress.

Meet the team

Lito-Vera Fouki

Early Childhood/Primary Learning Support Specialist

Lito Vera earned a Bachelor degree in Educational/Pedagogical Sciences from the University of Ioannina, Greece. Upon graduation, she moved to Manchester, UK, where she obtained a Master Degree in Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs. She started gaining experience in Primary and Secondary schools in the Greater Manchester area as a PPA and Intervention Teacher. Lito strongly believes in the value of Inclusion and considers it as an opportunity to enrich all aspects of our community. Embracing the fact that students exhibit a range of abilities and learn differently, Lito views Inclusion as a means to empower all learners to fulfil their own individual potentials. In her free time, Lito enjoys sculpting and painting as well as playing and watching volleyball. She also likes listening to music and reading books. She loves studying about Ancient Greek philosophers and her favourite quotation is Plato’s famous, “Know Thyself”.

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Michelle Piluso

Upper Primary/Lower Secondary Learning Support Specialist

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, from Virginia Tech University, and a Graduate degree (MED) in Special Education, from George Mason University, Michelle was an educator in Northern Virginia for four years. Michelle has taught Special Education in both the elementary and middle school settings. Years learning in international schools as a child as well as various teaching experiences, have led her to her position in Student Support Services at LIS. Michelle is passionate about helping students recognise their strengths and giving them the tools necessary to achieve academic and personal success. In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her dog, travelling, being active, and coaching basketball.

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Tim Padden

Upper Secondary Learning Support Specialist

Tim is from Washington State and has been teaching special education in Las Vegas, Nevada for the last six years. He has worked in a specialised classroom for five years. He has a Bachelor's degree in political science from St. Gregory's University in Oklahoma and in special education from Eastern Washington University. He earned his Master's degree in special education from Concordia University. Tim joined LIS in 2016 as a Learning Support Specialist. He enjoys running, hiking and being outdoors.  He also likes to read and travel. 

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