The end of the school year is always such a busy time, one sometimes feels the summer break has come before one has had time to say goodbye to everyone.

The boys! Bringing us pitch perfect tunes, dramatic flare and laughs.

To give everyone leaving one last send-off Mr Foulkes, Director of Music, and Mrs Kröger Foulkes, Assistant Principal Middle School, planned a three-day series of musical evenings. Students who had already pulled off an International Food Market for the KÖ festival, catered the event with hot dogs and falafel sandwiches. Alumni students stepped in to play in the supporting band and students and staff pitched in with the preparations. It was a delightful community event and filled the court yard with music for three terrific summer evenings.

Our Secondary Principal, Neil Allen, and Head of School, David Smith, joining in the festivities.

The first event featured show-stopping performances from our Upper School & Band. The second evening of festivities featured the magical musical talents of our middle school and band. And the third evening we revisited the musical and dramatic highlight of the year, Grease, and played our way through the rama lama ding dong play list.

Staff, Students and Alumni providing the musical backing for one of our star LIS vocalists.

Everyone who attended the evenings was enchanted by the community feeling and the professionalism of the students as well as the extraordinary quality of music the school consistently delivers.
Well done to all the students who took part and thanks to everyone involved in the preparation.

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