Award of the Saxon Children’s Sports Badge at Leipzig International Kindergarten

A sporty week comes to an end at Leipzig International Kindergarten. The children from all our Early Years classes had the opportunity to prove themselves in seven sport disciplines. It was not about results, but about familiarising the little ones with sport in a playful way. The Saxon State Sports Association offers an age-appropriate fitness test for kindergarten children: the Saxon Children’s Sports Badge. It is designed to teach kindergarten children the fun of exercise, to introduce them to active sports in a playful way and to encourage them to take part in regular sporting activities. During the PE lessons in the kindergarten, the children had to complete 7 stations: standing long jump, target throwing, body bending, running, balancing, jumping and somersaulting. In addition to jumping strength, agility and speed, the coordinative skills that are so important in childhood were also required to complete the exercises.

Our fifth graders from LIS supervised and ran the individual sports stations and showed the participating children exactly what they had to do. They encouraged them to complete all the stations and cheered for them during the sporting activities. Thank you very much for this great support.

At the end of the week, our little athletes were awarded the Children’s Sports Badge. For this purpose, they took part in a mini ceremony which consisted of two parts. The first informative part was to educate them about healthy eating and about how much sugar can be found in different products, especially in sweets.
Of course, this was really interesting and many were surprised how much sugar is in the much-loved gummy bears.

In the second part, each child received a certificate and the Saxon Children’s Sports Badge. Flizzy, the mascot himself, presented the certificates and badges to the children. It was of course exciting and super thrilling! On the certificate, the children – and thus also the parents – received feedback on each exercise using a three-stage reward system.

A big thank you goes to the Stadtsportbund Leipzig and our kindergarten’s sports teacher, Mrs Dietrich, who is trained and certified by the Saxony State Sports Association and who organised the whole event. We would also like to thank the IKK Classic, whose representatives shared so much worth knowing about healthy nutrition, sugar and a healthy lifestyle during their workshop.

The Saxon Children’s Sports Badge is offered throughout Saxony for all children and can only be taken at the age of three to six or seven.

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