We need a little Christmas

Once again this year, everyone – students, teachers and parents alike – has been looking forward to the Christmas season and the joys and traditions that come with it. At LIS, we actually have a tradition of our Christmas concert, which is the musical highlight of the year. However, due to the Corona pandemic, our last Christmas concert was in 2019 and for two years we all had to miss out on this musical treat.

We are all the more excited and proud that our students and staff were able to perform together again last week under the fantastic musical direction of Ms Annie Hedenig and Mr Paul Foulkes. So before we all head off for our winter break, two concerts were held for the primary and secondary school. From the usual classics to jazzy pieces, the programme was entertaining and enchanting, not to mention it gets you in the Christmas spirit.
Our entire community came together to enjoy the joy of music, the sense of togetherness it creates and the wonder it can elicit from us all. Families, friends, staff, students and parents came to the Schaubühne Lindenfels to sing, listen, marvel and support.

And here are a few impressions from the excellent performances of our Primary students:

From Jingle Bell Rock to Hanukkah hits, the performances ran the whole spectrum of festive songs. Duets, solos and ensemble songs alternated with instrumental interludes from an incredibly accomplished orchestra. The audience was particularly enthralled by the performances of our special guests, including a number of alumni, parents and even an LIS interpretation of Elvis Presley.

Have a look at some of the great performers in our Secondary Show:

Mr Foulkes and Ms Annie as well as Ms Emily Flanagan managed to tease every ounce of enthusiasm and energy out of their students.
And let’s not forget that these shows are also an incredible opportunity for our students to gain confidence. Best of all, students can learn from each other and with each other. Primary students get a taste of music in secondary school, everyone makes friends across the grades and is encouraged by more experienced musicians.

A big shout out to our music directors, Ms Annie and Mr Foulkes, Ms Emily Flanagan, our primary and secondary teachers and the school management and administration, who all worked hard on the logistics for this school-wide performance. To all the parents who supported their children, and to everyone who worked behind the scenes – from ticket sales to ushers and volunteers to sound and lighting engineers – thank you for your great support. And of course a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the show who gave their time and energy at the end of a busy year to bring us this special joy – thank you so much!

Photos by Liane Lindenlaub and Anna Fahrenkamp

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