1.FC-Grüner-Schnee vs JJMELT-FC

Last school year there was the LIS Champions League, which was initiated by Matwey, Felix and Phileas. At that time there was one league and ten teams. This school year, only Matwey and Felix from 5A and 5B are running the football tournament. We have three leagues and a total of 17 teams. One league is for girls only (grades 1-5). The girls’ league consists of six teams. The other two leagues are the grades 1-2 mixed league which contains five teams and the grades 3-5 league which contains six teams. Now you may wonder why Matwey and Felix have split the one league into three leagues. The reason is that they have received requests from various children in our school.

How does it work?

Each team had to write six players on a piece of paper and hand them in to Hort. In addition, all teams have to think of a team name. Some teams also have seven players. During the game, there are five players on the field and there are one/two substitute/s. There are five minutes to play per half. Then they switch sides once and have another five minutes. So in total they have ten minutes to try and score a goal. In their leagues, each team plays each other once. You get three points for a win, zero points for a loss and one point for a draw.


The tournament takes place from 21 September to the end of January. Mostly during snack breaks, but there will also be some matches during the lunch break. We are already in the third week of amazing football.

What are the teams?

…to be continued…

written by Matwey, grade 5

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