During the EY3 children’s assembly, we introduced the theme of peace. We read the book “Imagine” which is based on the song by John Lennon. Together with the children we talked about what war means and what we can do to make the world a better place. This theme was linked to our goals of collaboration and reflection. Our friend Collaborator Chameleon helped us to understand this topic well and taught us how to become good partners and global citizens.

The children then used paper plates to create the ‘Imagine’ panels pictured below.

In our music lesson in EY3, the children started talking about war as it was on their minds. They were looking for suggestions on what we can do for the people in Ukraine. We talked about showing kindness and giving them a present. Rightly, one child said, “But we are children, we can’t buy a warm jacket or food.” We then thought that we can send kindness in the form of a song or dance.

The children made up some hand movements and we learnt the song during the week of 14-18 March. In the assembly on Friday last week, all the children sang and recorded this song together. Since water also plays a role in the song, we added a strip of blue chenille fabric. The EY3 children hope that children and adults will listen to our song and watch the video, and receive this little gift.

We thank the EY3 team for their support and assistance in recording the piece!

The song is called: ”I’ve got peace like a river”
A traditional Song, arrangement by Konnie Saliba

I’ve got piece like a river in my soul.
I’ve got joy like a fountain in my soul.         
I’ve got love like an ocean in my soul.

Some children wanted to share what peace means to them. You are welcome to watch some of their short messages here.

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