Depicting Natural Objects, Landscapes and Organic Forms in Student’s Artworks – A Grade 9 Project

With guidance from our Secondary Art Teachers, Ms Shannon Brinkley and Mr Steve Lewis, our Grade 9s created fantastic works of art. In the project ‘Transforming Natural Forms‘, students first engaged in art analysis from a diverse group of artists who portray natural objects, landscapes, and organic forms in their work.

Historical and contemporary artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Ashley Mary, John Nash and other student-selected artists served as a starting point for the students’ artwork. Using various brainstorming strategies, the students then created compositional designs combining imagery from two artworks of their choice.

After their research, planning, and designing, students learned how to make cardboard relief sculptures and paint digitally using Procreate (a digital art and design app) on iPads. By employing these two contrasting media, the students had the opportunity to apply their ideas in two different ways, and thus experience how ideas can change when different materials are used. The result of these explorations is a body of work created by our 9th grade art students that transform natural forms into a scintillating array of textures, surfaces, colours, patterns, and brush strokes.

Below you can enjoy the wonderful creations of our 9th graders. Well done!:

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