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Alumni Interview – Nils Meier

Alumni Interview

Nils Meier – LIS Graduate of 2016
Studying Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow from 2019/20

What have you been doing since you left LIS?

Well when I graduated from school I wanted to get out of Leipzig as soon as possible. Didn’t happen, I’m still here three year later. I like to see it as three gap year that I took to get to know myself and get to know what I want to do.

In the first year I did a Bundesfreiwilligendienst (Voluntary Service) here at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. That was very nice, getting to know the orchestra musicians and famous conductors, that helped me a lot in the decision to become a musician.

Last year, I studied musicology for a year but I dropped that because it’s not composition and this year I took up studying music education because it’s at the Musik Hochschule. The music programme is very good, very broad and I wanted to use that to build a strong musical foundation.

What subjects did you take at LIS?

In the IB, I had Geography, German Language and Literature ST, English B HL, Maths HL, Physics HL and Music HL.

Do you have any special memories of LIS?

There are quite a few. One of them was being Student Council President and being able to communicate with the student body and teachers in a very special way. And of course music! The musical productions, right from the start, were always very inspiring, very touching and they still are today. Actually, in December was the first time I listened to a production not taking part in it because I had a different concert going on. That was very touching. Seeing what the school can do as a music programme and how I used to be a part of that when I was a student and coming back as an alumni.

How did LIS prepare you for life after school?

I’d say there are two sides to that. One of them definitely was the music at LIS. Having Foulkes (Paul Foulkes, Music Director) here as the music teacher and director was really inspiring and I can still learn from him when I join projects here. The other thing was doing the IB. I do believe that the IB has a very worldly approach to education and now, three years after I graduated, I finally understand what the point of the IB is and how it can help me in my life.

Can you give an example?

Something I did not really enjoy doing much in my time in the IB was TOK, Theory of Knowledge.

But looking back it does bring valuable insight and different ways of thinking about a multitude of things. And this broader perspective you are able to gain by engaging in these topics is very good.

What are your hopes for the future?

Putting that into direct words, I find very difficult because I’m not trying to pursue a very certain kind of career. I’m trying to be open, trying not to limit myself in what I can enjoy and do. It’s more of a feeling that I try to pursue — I want to be happy.

What are your hopes for the school?

I hope LIS is able to grow internationally and connect to more international resources and I think a big part of that is connecting to its alumni. Because there are many alumni who enjoy coming back and being part of this community. Like I do. I really enjoy coming back.

Thank you Nils and all the best for your start in Glasgow!

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