Nursery Lantern Walk 2018

Many parts of the world celebrate the evocative power of light. Especially when the days become shorter and colder, it lifts the spirits to light a candle in the dark. Every year on the 11th of November many Germans celebrate Saint Martin’s Day with a lantern walk. As an international school we enjoy partaking in a festivities from around the world including those from Germany and 2018 was no different. As the Nursery day drew to a close, parents and families gathered in the playground and began lighting children’s lanterns (or switch on the battery powered lights).

Part of the fun of the Lantern Walk is crafting the lanterns.
At LIK, educators had organised crafting sessions a week or two before the 11th of November.
Here parents had the opportunity to come into their child’s every day spaces and spend time creating something special and individual with them. These moments where children can share the rooms in which they play and sleep and eat and craft are often very special for them.
Similarly, having parents and loved ones partake in community events at the Kindergarten and school strengthens the feeling of unity amongst us all.

As families and educators walked the path way around the big playground we had asked one of our IT pros to film the event from the air. The drone caused alot of excitment among the little ones at first.

A celebration of light is always uplifting and we’re already looking forward to this years autumn celebrations.

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