Alumni Wine and Tapas Evening

Among the end of the year highlights we have enjoyed already there was also our very first Alumni event.

We have taken significant strides in connecting better with our Alumni this past year. We have invited a number of past pupils to come to the school and talk about their personal and professional path in life. Hearing from someone who has recently completed their studies or been faced with the decision of what to study brings the entire prospect of what comes after school more tangible.

We have conducted of interview these students. You can find these articles in the Alumni section of the Observer.

On the evening of our first seasonal concert This Magic Season, we had the pleasure of inviting our Alumnis to wine and tapas at the Caracan Restuarant at the Schuabühne Lindenfels. We were lucky enough to welcome more people than expected. Having to added on to the table and set a few more places is exactly what one hopes from such an open invitation. A good number of teachers including our Alumni Coordinator Mr John Hampton, our Head of School, Mr David Smith, and our Careers Counselor, Mr Justin Sands, were there to welcome all out guests. Some students went in to watch the show while others stayed behind to enjoy the good company and good food and wine.

A heartfelt thank you to all the Alumni who took the time to visit us and to all the teachers who stopped by to catch up with our past pupils. We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful new tradition and we are especially thrilled at being able to bring our community together in new ways.

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