This week in the EY2’s activity pack, the focus was on a story about a Fisherman and a magic fish. In addition to linking multiple tellings of the story (including in the original Plattdeutsch dialect) in the package , the educators also suggest questions to ask children about the themes, character and structure of the narrative. This week’s pack was full of amazing tasks and recipes and links to fascinating things online related to fish life and the ocean.

The educators have been so creative in finding ways to stay in touch with the children who are usually in their care. In keeping with this week’s theme there have been additional story-book readings with ocean themes like Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid on Tapestry. Mr Patrick from the Kiwis found some incredible deep-sea footage to share with the EY2s. For even more fun, Ms Juliane added instructional drawing videos of marine animals, including everyone’s favourite clown fish. The narration is German but the steps are simple enough.

Drawing a Clown fish

Drawing a Shark

Drawing an Octopus

The Exploration Vessel Nautilus is a research ship equipped with live-streaming underwater vehicles for scientists and the public to explore the deep sea from anywhere in the world. These are some of the highlights from their findings. Mr Patrick pointed out how nice it is to hear the scientists getting so excited about seeing rare ocean life. There is also some pretty sensational great white shark footage in the last video.

Other activities included watching live footage from an aquarium, make your own aquarium sensory bag, taking an undersea kids yoga class or make your own fish number line game combining movement and learning.

There were also assorted recipes for fishy meals (or just fish shaped meals) like rainbow fish pizza.

Our educators are all dutifully social distancing but that doesn’t stop them from collaborating. The EY2 educators put together a little video of them saying one of the table rhymes LIK children say before eating. You guessed it, it has a fish theme.

Bon Appetite everyone! We are so lucky to have dedicated and caring educators who are really going all out to maintain contact and help parents fill their children’s days with constructive activities and tasks. They are missing their groups very much and are so looking forward to having everyone back at LIK as soon as it is safe.

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