The first few days back at LIK have brought with them many new rules and limitations but also many happy faces of children thrilled to be back with their friends and educators.

Our LIK team has done a wonderful job in making the transition to this new normal very user friendly. From fun how-to videos on Tapestry, sharing best-practice kiss-and-go in the morning to chalking the front area so parents know where they need to be, they have helped families get used to new routines.

Parents have been very cooperative and have done their best to work with the staff and educators to keep us all safe and stick to the rules.

The children especially have been little heroes and adapted very quickly to all that is expected of them.

A big thank you to all our LIK families. This week has been a bit of a settling in phase for us all and we are very impressed with the results. We hope you enjoy a restful long weekend and will see you on Monday bright and early.

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