Little Artists Learning about Famous Painters

For the month of June LIK little artists have been learning about Claude Monet. He is the artist of the month. From N2 to EY3, students learned about Monet’s Waterlily paintings and his Poppy fields for inspiration and have created art pieces to reflect each idea.

They have used paints, paper, tissue paper, chalk pastel, stamping and beginning painting techniques.

Our children in Early Year 3 have had a bit more art history incorporated into their lessons and they got to choose what to do for their final art project in class based on what they have learned from Monet. Each class decided to work together as a team to create one large canvas based on a painting of Monet’s. Each student has a specific job for the projects, i.e. painting lily pads, painting the trees, painting the flowers…

The class Adventurers are making a painting based off of Monet’s Water Lilies 1904, The Amazonians are working on their interpretation of The Japanese Bridge 1899, and the Sailors are working on San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk 1908. They make these paintings in hope to leave them here in the kindergarten for all to enjoy and so that we can remember them once they move on to the big school.

All the time they are learning techniques like blending, shading, mixing colors and using different tools to get the effects they want.

Kindergarten Art Educator

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