Night of Art: Georg-Schumann-Straße became Leipzig’s largest Gallery

LIS Art by our Visual Arts teacher, Steve Lewis, and our students exhibited at Nacht der Kunst Leipzig. Thank you to everyone who came out to support and enjoy everything this festival had to offer.

At the Night of Art, Georg-Schumann-Straße was transformed into Leipzig’s largest gallery and that is exactly what the “Night of Art”, which once again attracted thousands to Gohlis and Möckern on Saturday evening, is all about: getting visitors and artists talking to each other. “The great thing about the Night of Art is that professionals and people who get creative just for the fun of it meet,” Kerstin Herrlich from the Georg-Schumann-Strasse Association, announced at the opening of the event with around 200 participants from the region, Germany and abroad.

At the 12th anniversary of the art and culture festival, the programme ranged from live music, painting, photography and sculpture to performances.

Students from LIS also took part in the Night of Art again this year. Great pictures and paintings by our secondary students were exhibited and could be seen.
Our talented musicians were also present and demonstrated what they have learned and were showcasing our musical excellence. How great to see our community coming together for music and art on this Saturday afternoon.
A very big THANK YOU to all the talented students for coming out to perform during the NdK! It was awesome!

Congratulations to the CAS students for running two very successful crafts stands that the children visiting the NdK thoroughly enjoyed! They came up with great ideas and from set-up to clean-up were always super representatives of LIS! Having our marketing team’s support is greatly appreciated too!

We thank Mr. Steve Lewis and Mr. Paul Foukes for their wonderful contribution, commitment and great support throughout the art festival “Nacht der Kunst”. Many of our students were involved, either through their musical performances or by displaying their artwork. It was a very successful afternoon appreciated by many members of our community, students, parents, staff and alumni. On behalf of all the artists exhibiting at the Glashaus am Viadukt, we appreciate LIS’s participation which helped attract so many more visitors and make the event more memorable.

Marketing Manager

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