A Community-Building World Cultures Programme for Kids

Our EY3 class enjoyed the first of a series of music lessons along with other classes from around the world in a project initiated at LIK by our Kindergarten music teacher Ms Dana. This week’s lesson was centered around INDIA. The children discussed where the country is in the world and were introduced to songs and sounds in Hindi by Jay Sands.

In the coming weeks we will update this article to show a few of the other locations the kids have “travelled” to.

September 30: Pakistan (Kabaddi)

October 7: Afghanistan (Attan)

October 14: Uzbekistan (Uzbek dance)

October 21: Kyrgyzstan (the epic of Manas)

October 28: Tuva (a “Tuvan” tour)

November 4; Kazakhstan and Western China (yurts)

November 11: Tibet (Tingri dance)

November 18: Nepal (Climbing Everest)

December 2: Bhtaun (Blessed Rainy Day)

Jay Sand, musician and teacher based in Philadelphia, leads students through world cultures in form of online music encounters. In these music sessions, the children learn about different cultures, participate in the songs through joyful singing and experiencing rhythms and dances together.

International mindedness is lived through active participation and builds community with other children of the participating schools through music in a progressive programme.

Besides the obvious benefit of sharing music, children see other classes from across the globe and learn actively “to be a citizen of the world.” In addition, Jay’s 3-year program rotation enables participating children to musically travel around the world through songs, dance and rhythms.  

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