Parent Association Leadership Team News

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new PA leadership team. Recently, the newly elected Room Parents and Parent Representatives from Primary and Secondary, as well as the representative from Leipzig International Kindergarten, met with our Head of School, Brandie Smith and the LIS Commercial Director, Johannes Barabas in the Aula to vote for their Parent Speakers.

Brandie Smith spoke to our parent volunteers about the guiding statements that shape our actions and decision making at Leipzig International School as well as our theme for the year – Make A Difference. Parents are the third pillar in the foundation that supports the education of our students, next to the students themselves and the school as an institution. Underpinned by the findings of many studies, we repeat again and again – students do better when their parents are involved in school life. Not just individual children, but all students have better outcomes, better behaviour and better social skills, when the home to school partnership is strong.

To support us in the endeavour to strengthen our partnership with parents in the coming school year are our newly elected Parent Speakers: Mr Wael (Wiley) Issa and Mr James Wyatt. Wiley has children in the Secondary School and James in Primary.
Together with our representative, Ms Anne-Claire Eveno, from Leipzig International Kindergarten and a yet to be announced representative from Kindergarten Käferhaus they will form our PA leadership team along with the continued support as treasurer from Ms Babette Gaida. If you want to find out more about the newly elected team, you can get all the details on our website here.

We are very pleased to have this excellent group to support our community and our goals. Especially the parents of our students are encouraged to contact their room parents or parent representatives to strengthen communication in the community.

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