GISST Football – November 2021

Football, Fuβball or Soccer!

Whatever you want to call it, it is one of the most popular sports in the world and this is definitely true at LIS.

The month of November has been a busy sporting one for GISST Football as we hosted the U14 Boys’ Football Tournament and sent three other teams off to GISST tournaments in Berlin. All four teams (U14 Boys, U14 Girls, Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls) were highly successful bringing back medals and trophies from their respective tournaments.

The coming together as a team, learning how to perform together, learning how to support one another, learning how to handle the pressure of a tournament and having the strength and courage to be their absolute best on the day, despite the tiredness from back-to-back-games, injuries and early morning travel is something that only sport can teach.

The students and coaches have missed these International School competitions. They have been deprived of such opportunities for too long, so I hope you’ll agree that no matter what position they finished at their tournament, they should be congratulated for seizing every sporting opportunity they get!

GISST U14 Boys’ Football @ LIS

Freezing fog could not dampen the spirits of the LIS community as we welcomed three International Schools from Berlin to take part in our tournament.

The U14 team fought bravely in every game and left it all out there on the pitch. They commented afterwards that the support from the school community played a significant role in helping them to raise their game and keep fighting. Their finishing position of second was a fantastic achievement!

A huge thank you goes to the student body for their enthusiastic cheering, the teachers who brought their classes out to watch, our entertaining school Lion mascot, our talented musicians for providing some drumming at the start of the event and the wonderful PA who provided a none-stop supply of cakes and hot drinks to keep us all going.

GISST U14 Girls’ Football @ BBS

It was a very young and inexperienced team who travelled to Berlin British School, but they should be commended for their attitude and approach to the tournament. They were super excited and despite never having had the opportunity to play in a football tournament before, they fought bravely and finished a well-deserved third. They were also awarded the Sportsmanship prize!

GISST Varsity Girls’ Football @ BerIS

It was a very early start for the team as they headed to Berlin International School for their tournament. Due to a number of factors over the season it had proven difficult to get a full squad of 15 together, so when we found out that BBIS couldn’t get a team together our girls very kindly said that the four girls from BBIS could join our team of 11. This showed tremendous compassion from them and new friendships were formed. It was a joy watching our two schools work together, and the standard of football displayed was a pleasure to watch.

In the end the combined team finished second and it was a unanimous decision to award them the sportsmanship award!

GISST Varsity Boys’ Football @ BBIS

It was another early start for our boys as they travelled to Berlin Brandenburg International School for their football tournament. The mood was high and the boys worked hard to perform to their best on the day. The competition was fierce as most of the teams seemed evenly matched, and it was with great joy that our boys finished in second place!

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