LIS Service Club and CAS Students Raised 1,100€ for Cancer Charity Haus Leben

Although our Winter Market had to be cancelled due to bad weather, LIS students didn’t give up on their fundraising project for the local cancer charity Haus Leben e.V. and raised an impressive total of 1100€!

Handing over the cheque worth an impressive 1100 €, which was collected for Haus Leben.

Grade 11 CAS students Rune and Julian planned and successfully delivered a week of Winter Market style fundraising food and drink sales in January together with Grade 11 and Grade 12 CAS helpers, and the Middle School Service club pulled of an amazing Valentine’s Day fundraiser in which they sold and delivered heart shaped candies and love messages that students could send to each other.

Also, the Christmas cards handmade by the service club were sold for Haus Leben fundraising, and Elliana from Grade 8 donated a big chunk of money from her own craft sales.

Haus Leben e.V. helps parents and children whose families are affected by cancer, and we think it is a worthy cause to support. We also helped the charity in the past with their Pink Shoe day awareness event for preventing breast cancer, a fundraising run, and CAS students packed support packages for breast cancer patients, and helped updating the address of the charity on hundreds of flyers.

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