Service Day in Secondary School: A Fantastic Day of Action-Packed Projects

Over the course of last week, the secondary students had three exciting CAS days, culminating in Service Day on Wednesday, 28 June.

Our students were engaged into a great variety of action-packed projects and showed some fantastic efforts and enthusiasm for other people or the environment. Here’s what they did:

  • Different groups engaged with elderly people in a variety of ways: They taught smartphone and English lessons to elderly people, played games with them and planted, baked, and built things in an old people’s home – and even did a photoshoot with alpacas! Another group played and performed two concerts in different local old people’s homes.
  • Two groups went to local foodbank outlets from Tafel e.V. and helped to prepare and give out food to people in need. They were so committed that they didn’t want to leave!
  • One group went to visit cancer patients at cancer charity Haus Leben e.V. and engaged in fundraising and awareness activities.
  • Visitors from Forikolo e.V., a local charity that helps with building schools in Sierra Leone, engaged our students in project planning and painting little donation houses for fundraising.
  • Members of ZONTA International, a charity that stands up for women’s rights and advocates against violence against women, presented their work to our students, and a group of LIS girls designed slogans for ZONTA’s anti-violence social media campaign and made people take a stand for women’s rights in a photoshoot.
  • A group of students conducted science experiments in public places to help clear up common misconceptions about science.
  • Some students participated on a CAS-student-led workshop by Hannah, Christoph and Nathan from grade 11 on Hate Speech and learnt about counter speeches and how to deal with extremism online.
  • Amnesty International activists came to school and gave a workshop, and students wrote letters to political prisoners.
  • Ms Den Dekker’s grade 6 form class studied a song in sign language and performed it in front of students who cannot hear and spent a fantastic day with them.
  • Students engaged in a Missing Maps activity for the Red Cross, in which they helped to put missing remote places on maps so that they can be reached better in an emergency.
  • Another group got a workshop from the Unicef youth team and went into the city centre to advocate for diversity and equality for girls and boys.
  • A very dedicated group made beautiful upcycled sock puppets for the children of cancer patients who receive counselling.
  • Our students engaged kindergarten children at the LIK in a team building activity and made wonderful connections.
  • Four different groups became active for the environment after listening to a climate change talk from experts from Leipzig university: The built a sandarium for bees, helped with planting and weeding in different areas of Leipzig and in the school garden and went to clean up a forest and did environmental activities in the local botanical school garden.

Well done for everybody who participated, your engagement was very valuable and your commitment makes us proud!

Britta Rössner

Service Learning and CAS Co-ordinator

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