A festive, musical kick-off to the new school year

For the second time in a row, we have held the annual summer party at the beginning of the school year and found it to be a roaring success. Thank you to everyone – parents, staff, supporters, teachers and especially students – for taking part in this wonderful event and making it such fun. We’ve rounded up a few highlights here for you to enjoy. We’re already looking forward to next year.

© Kacper Rzepecki

Having the LIS community come together for fun, games, music and refreshments is always a blast. It gives the kids a festive kick-off to their new school year and it gives the parents a chance to mingle with each other and spend a little time in the spaces their children inhabit every day. It also gives us as a school the opportunity to show case a little of what we do. The musical programme is always spectacular and this year was no different. Our primary music department gave us a wonderful show with song and dance, solos and full choir pieces.

Our newly formed Parent Association as well as the Garden Committee had stalls where they raised money for their causes and answered questions from curious parents. At 16:30, after the musical programme, some of the gardeners offered a tour of the Garden, which just won 2nd Prize in a nation wide school and youth club garden competition. All the cake sale profits go to the Parent Association as well and a big thanks goes to all the parents who baked and donated cakes to this endeavor.

We also had the Ökolöwen, the Sparkasse Leipzig as well as a a few great parents planting the tree beds in the front of the school. This initiative, to make Schleusig a little greener and our communal spaces a little more nature friendly, stretches along the whole Könneritz Street. A special thank you goes to Mrs Claudia Huebner and Ms Heinichen (Ökolöwen) for the organisation and provision of equipment and Mr Redepenning and the Sparkasse Leipzig for sponsoring the this project and all of the aforementioned for bringing their teams to dig and plant and water and make our street a little greener.

The fun and games included a huge bouncy castle slide, kangaroo boxing and the games dome as well as ring toss, tin toss, sack races, three legged race and a spectacular bubble show. Our Director of Visual Arts, Steven Lewis, also organised a lovely doodle table for the party while simultaneously holding the Gr 11 Art Show in the school building. There was a lot going on!

We also owe a very big thanks to Lancaster University Leipzig for sponsoring the grill stand and providing everyone with free sausages and rolls and to Getränkevertrieb Noack for supporting us so generously with drinks and water.

Thanks also go to the Hort Team who made it possible for all the kids to safely take part in the party and not be confined to the Hort building before pick up, to the facilities staff for helping with set up and clean up, Kacper Rzepecki for the photos and the teachers for making all the back and forth run smoothly.

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