During the Autumn season the Leipzig International Secondary School puts on a Pep Rally to show support for and appreciation of all our GISST sports teams. This has been consecutively organized by Mrs. Brunet, with the support of students and other faculty. This year, as her CAS project, Anastasia jump started the event and organized the HS Dancers.

The programme is always impressive, starting with Mr. Foulkes’ incredible percussion band getting everyone into an energetic team spirit as they enter the gym and take their seats. Individual sports teams are then introduced and do a round in the gym to cheers and applause. The Leipzig Lion Dancers, our home-grown dance teams of Middle School and High School girls perform their two fantastic dances. Games are next, and this year we held a  tug-of-war battle between students. The winners of the two student tugs are then put up against a team of teachers. The eternal battle of Teachers vs. Students was won in favour of the teachers. Between all of this we have our mascot, the Lion, jumping and somersaulting and raising spirits with mime antics.

The final treat was a surprise, choreographed dance by a very talented and brave group of teachers that got a very enthusiastic applause from the whole student body.
Well done to everyone who took part and planned this great event. What a school!!

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