As the dark evenings roll in and nerves of students, parents and (possibly even) teachers get frayed, here in Leipzig we are fortunate enough to be blessed with all of the spirit of the Christmas Markets, Glühwein by open fires, and the general bonhomie of this wonderful city.

We also get to enjoy some of our best examples of holistic learning as they go into overdrive.

Just last week, we all celebrated the Homecoming of the GISST sports teams with a no-holds-barred enthusiasm-explosion with our second annual Pep Rally. Please see the full report on this event in The Observer, but suffice it to say much fun was had by all especially by the teachers who triumphed in the Tug of War and performed a seemingly impromptu flash-mob dance! Thanks to all concerned, but notably to Mrs. And Mr. Brunet for organising this tremendous event.

GISST sports teams continue their seasons long into the cold, wet and wintry months. Cross-country runners, footballers, volleyballers and badminton stars have trained, travelled and performed to the best of their abilities, with character and team spirit. Thanks to all coaches and chaperones, and particularly to Athletic Director, Gillian Allen, and to Marianne Lange and Sabrina Bennett for their support with the Athletic programme of the school.

Our linguists have enjoyed a wonderful cultural exchange with Spanish students from Andalucia, whose visit, integration with our students and within our school, and enthusiasm for events and trips made for a very successful internationalist event. Thanks to Senor Antoranz and the Erasmus programme for all of the work to make this possible.

And last but by no means least we approach our traditional Christmas Concerts with the usual anticipation bordering on fervour. It is, of course, a busy time for rehearsals and final preparations. But we know at the end of it all that the show will be a spectacle not to be missed. Thanks, as always, to Paul Foulkes and Annie Hedenig for their dedication and expertise in preparing the students, the venue and for their attention to the finest details in order to make this a wonderful time and a magic season.

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