We end the calendar year on a literal high note with our seasonal concert. As usual the professionalism, showmanship and expert arrangement of this event was staggering. Students, teachers, staff and friends of LIS took to the stage after weeks of rehearsals to deliver a truly magical show.

From Rock ‘n Roll Snowman to Hanukkah hits, this show, which combine primary and secondary school students, covered the whole festive range of tracks. Duets, solos and ensemble songs carried into instrumental interludes from an incredibly skilled orchestra.

The nature of music as performance really gives the community insight into the energy and talent of our musical staff. Mr Paul Foulkes and Ms Annie Hedenig manage to draw every ounce of enthusiasm and energy out of their students giving the audience a thrill of knowing their children are receiving an exceptional musical education.

The show is also an incredible opportunity for these young people to gain confidence. Students who a year ago would barely speak up in class, are now leading their year group on stage. Others who work painstakingly on their academic work are given the space to explore new avenues and talents. Best of all, students get to learn from and with each other. Primary children get a taste of what secondary music might be like, all get to form friendships across grades and are encouraged by more experienced musicians. Some even think about taking up a different instrument or part in the show when seeing a peer doing the same. The thrill of being creative, working hard towards a goal and performing in a magnificent show that brings together the whole LIS community produces an energy that is palpable from beginning to end.

There were even returning students and graduates from last year performing in the show, which is testament to the warmth and joy this event creates.

A huge round of applause for our music directors and the primary and secondary staff who worked hard on the logistics of a whole school show. To all the parents to brought their children to rehearsals and shows and everyone behind the scenes from ticket sales to ushers, parent helpers to sound technicians thank you for your support. And last but not least to everyone in the show who gave their time and energy at the end of a long year to bring us this magic, thank you!
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – music, like education, is the gift that keeps on giving. Be sure to pick up your CD recordings of last years shows now on sale at the school entrance.

Sandy and Danny (our stars from Grease earlier this year) reunited to sing a few Christmas numbers.

Photos by Kacper Rzepecki and Anna Fahrenkamp

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